Heroes are not only those who fight at the battlefront, but also those who are on the home front. Therefore, thanks to the Community Residences of Valencia Region, we have reliable support. After the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Volodymyr Pavlyukh, a family doctor at the Solimar Residence in Sollana, who is from Ukraine, launched an initiative with his colleague Zhanna to organize a campaign to collect basic necessities for Ukrainians. Resident families, workers and, of course, Gero Residenciales Solimar itself took part in the campaign. In each residence they collected about 50 boxes of humanitarian aid: sanitary and orthopedic materials, approved medicines, clothes, food for children and diapers. We are extremely grateful for your help and support. Thanks to the people who took part in the charity event, we were able to send essential goods to Ukraine and thus help thousands of people who were left without a means of living. Thanks to the support we received from the Valencia Community, we have no doubt that Ukraine will overcome these difficult times.

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