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Successful Projects

Vulnerable – Our Mission

NGO-Damark is an organization committed to the daily protection of the most vulnerable populations. We are officially registered in Spain, United States, Ukraine, and South Africa, where we develop and carry out medical, social, cultural, environmental, and educational projects capable of changing the world.

The values of our organization:

Mutual Aid
Projects of NGO Damark

About Us in Numbers

  • Officially registered in 4 countries
  • Delivered food packages for 25000 people
  • Developed an educational program for 200,000 children
  • Organized the efforts of over 60 volunteers
  • Distributed medical masks in Ukraine for 500 000 people
  • Evacuated around 1000 women, children, and elderly people
  • Sent 18 humanitarian convoys (with about 360 tons of humanitarian cargo) to Ukrainian citizens
  • Held over 100 events and meetings for children and teenagers
  • Founded a library with Ukrainian books (9000 books)
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Volunteers Mobilized
People Evacuated
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Educational Events

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Projects of NGO Damark

Our Ongoing Projects

Implementing Projects in Africa to Combat Social Issues

  • Launching the "Helping Hand" project in South Africa to deliver food supplies to local communities.
  • Educational program "Open World" for 200,000 children, aimed at achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Environmental initiatives in Ghana to improve local ecosystems.

Charitable Activities and Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine

  • Charity event "Stop Covid" in Ukraine, involving the purchase and distribution of medical masks to underprivileged individuals.
  • Organizing volunteer efforts and evacuation flights since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion into Ukraine.

Building a Center for Socio-Psychological Support and Educational Hub in Spain

  • Language course "EspañolExito: Discover the World of Spanish Language" created to provide essential skills for people looking to find work in Spain.
  • Socio-psychological support for immigrants adapting to a new environment.
  • In collaboration with the Ukrainian community in 2023, executed a book project "Language Everywhere", which involved sending 9,000 books from Ukraine to Spain to allow thousands of migrants the opportunity to read in their native language.

The Research and Rehabilitation Center in United States

  • Understand gaming addiction, create effective treatments, and provide a comprehensive rehab program for youth to reintegrate into society, empowered and renewed.

Together with you, we're changing the world – support our mission with a donation!

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Financial Support:

Join us and be a part of positive change in the world! Your donations help us expand our reach and provide assistance to as many people as possible.

We ensure that the money we receive has the maximum impact. Every penny counts.

You can support us by choosing a convenient payment method and amount for you: One-time or Monthly assistance (your choice).

Bank Details:

LA CAIXA IBAN: ES85 2100 3852 6802 0012 4217



We invite you to join us as a volunteer! We're looking for individuals who want to help others, actively participate in projects, and make a positive impact on people's lives.

Your inner motivation and energy can be the driving force that propels our organization forward!


Join us in developing collaborative projects! We know how to merge business and charity, and we're open to building partnerships. Together, we can help those who are in the most vulnerable situations.

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