A plane with 14 Ukrainian disabled children arrived in Valencia

Three young Ukrainians arrive in Morella and start a new life fleeing the war

The process of evacuating families with disabled children from Ukraine began on March 15. The evacuation took place from different regions of the country. Due to delays in providing humanitarian medical care and the complete lack of life-saving specialized medicines for these children, the families escaping the war and the administration turned to our association DAMARK for help with the evacuation. The evacuation was carried out in several stages:

1. Moving from Ukraine. Humanitarian corridors to the border with Romania were organized. Children in need of special care could not cross the border on foot, so special buses and vehicles were arranged in coordination with the military administration to cross the border, which eventually brought the families safely to their first destination. The coordination with the military administration on all the technical and legal issues of crossing the border was not an easy task and required a lot of time and effort on both sides. We were faced with the problem of obtaining exit permits for the drivers who transported these children, since due to the military situation in Ukraine, men of military age ( from 18 to 65 years old) are not allowed to leave the country. Dozens of hours of coordination and arrangements with various Ukrainian and Romanian government agencies bore fruit; the children were finally able to cross the border without risk to life and health.

2. Reception point in Romania. It was necessary to restore the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the children. The families were placed in a hotel in Romania for this purpose. The next step was to get vital medication necessary for each child, which was not easy either, because medical documents from Ukraine are not valid in Romania, which endangered the safety and health of some children. Our organization’s crisis center organized the transportation of the children to Bucharest, after numerous consultations and negotiations with Romanian specialists.

3. Medical examination and documentation. It was necessary to take the required steps to ensure the safe transportation of children on airplanes. To ensure compliance with international standards and requirements for such a complex flight, the consultation with the airline medical board is carried out. Due to the severe emotional state of the children (some required urgent medical examinations), the flight from Bucharest was postponed twice. Numerous transfers, endless new arrangements with the airport administration, emergency protocols necessary for the departure, etc… Many obstacles that not only did not stop us, but gave us even more strength to save the lives of these defenseless children. Throughout the evacuation process, our organization made sure that both the children and their families had everything they needed (special food, first aid supplies, and medical care).

4. Arrival in Valencia. Finally, on March 29th, at about 16:50, the long-awaited flight from Romania was expected to arrive. The flight, operated by TAROM AIR ROT 7313, left Bucharest with a stopover in Milan. The reception of the children and their families, as well as the subsequent accommodation and medical follow-up, were coordinated together with the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Valencian Community. A medical report and a preliminary check-up were carried out on the evacuation route in Romania and medical documents were adapted to European norms. Taking into account the fact that the minors require high quality medical care, we are glad that they came to Spain, where there are specialists of very high level.

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